Iʼm Denise Barb Estep, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Shenandoah County. You, the people of this county, have elected me for three terms beginning in November 1991 and after over 33 years of serving you, Iʼve made the
decision to retire. So I want to talk to you about this election in November 2015.

There are five individuals running for Clerk of the Circuit Court, but, in my view, only one true candidate and that is Sarona Irvin. In November, Sarona will have 24 years in the office with the last 18 years as my Chief Deputy Clerk. This office provides too many crucial services to the citizens of this county for the next Clerk not to have the experience and credentials to continue providing expedient and quality service. I told the employees in the office months ago, itʼs an election year and so it will start how terrible the service and attitudes of this office are. It was the same in the other three elections, those running have no idea of all we do in this office and so the only thing they can bring up is questioning the service and how they could provide better service. Well, what I know is, all the flowers sent, cookies brought in, cards and phone calls received from very satisfied customers tell me, that for the most part- service is not an issue now, nor over the last 33 years. Iʼm not saying we are perfect, and there will be issues when someone has a bad day- but those days, as far as treating customers without the utmost respect and courtesy, are few and far between.

Sarona has the experience, knowledge and service understanding and is the only candidate. The other individuals cannot come into this Clerkʼs office and sit at a deputy clerkʼs desk and do the work, Sarona can! The other individuals cannot come into the Clerkʼs office and sit at my desk and do my job and my work, Sarona can! Sarona has the right experience, knowledge and service orientation to serve the citizens of Shenandoah County. Thinking and talking that you can do this job and knowing that you can do this job are two distinct differences of the individuals running for this office.

Sarona knows this job and thatʼs why Iʼm endorsing her and asking each of you to VOTE on NOVEMBER 3RD.


Elect education, experience and knowledge!

Endorsement from Denise Barb Estep - current Clerk of Circuit Court